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Camps: Soccer, All-Sport and Other Camps

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The Superdome North Jersey offers the widest range of youth and adult sports and recreational camps in the Northeast. Our All Sports Camps offer campers the ability to enjoy many different sports such as soccer, football, lacrosse, basketball, kickball, dodge ball and many more. In addition to our All Sports Camps, we offer many sport-specific camps which offer some of the highest quality sport-specific training found anywhere in the Northeast. Our sport-specific camps include a wide range of soccer camps, lacrosse camps, football camps and many others. Sport-specific Camps target individual sports for those looking for training only within their sport of choice.

Camps take place all throughout the year. Our All Sport Camps run every weekday during the Summer giving families a fun but affordable summer camp experience.  Other camps take place during the Fall, Winter and Spring during certain holidays or at night. Some of our sports-specific camps are hosted by top flight local Clubs and organizations, while others are run by our in-house staff of highly regarded coaches.  And just about any time we have a sport-specific camp, we have an All Sports camp running in the facility at the same time.  This can be a great option for kids who aren’t sure if they want to focus on one sport for the entire week or camp.

Our campers enjoy our nearly 100,000 square feet of turf playing fields, both indoor and outdoor playing surfaces. Our four indoor full fields are air conditioned and heated ensuring weather never disturbs the kids and their fun. Our facility has a full locker room with many bathrooms, a full Cafe’ for drinks and snacks. We have a wonderful video arcade and game room for lunch time. And a hot lunch buffet is available for an additional daily fee, probably the cheapest lunch rate in the area.

All Sports Camp – Summer

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The Superdome All Sports Camps run every single weekday during the Summer, all Summer until school restarts. Available per day, per week, or for our entire 10 weeks. The Northeast’s premier All Sports Camp offers kids incredible fun and exercise and designed for Boys and Girls 5-14 years of age. The All Sports Camp offers a wide range of summer activities including: Soccer, Flag football, Wiffle ball, Ball hockey, Kickball, Lacrosse, Field hockey, Obstacle Courses, Dodge ball, Sports Conditioning, Arts & Crafts, and more!  We offer after-care services for those who need a later pick up time. Arts-n-Crafts and other non-sport activities are available for those campers who need a little down time. Campers will participate in both competitive and noncompetitive sports and games, skills and drills. Through these activities campers will learn the importance of staying active, maintaining a positive attitude and interacting with their peers.  Give your child a fun, active, memorable summer camp experience @ The Superdome!

All-Sports Preschool Summer Camp

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Give your little ones a fun, active, memorable summer camp experience.  This camp is designed for kids ages 3 to 6.
Camps run daily and offer you an opportunity to take care of your personal matters while your child has a wonderful time playing sports and other activities.

All Sport Holiday Camps

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Our most popular multi-sport camps take place on the various holidays and vacation weeks. Kids love to play sports when they are off from school and our Holiday Camps are a great way for them to spend the day!  Our All Sports Camps do not focus specifically on any one sport, but the kids enjoy playing multiple sports throughout the day to ensure a great time for everyone involved. For those looking for holiday soccer or holiday lacrosse camps, we offer those as well! You can find those on this page and our Registration page. All Sport Holiday Camps run 9am to 3pm unless specified otherwise. November Teacher’s Convention,  December Holidays, Presidents Week, and many more!!…

All Sport Night Camps, monthly on Saturdays

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Join us every month on Saturday night!

  • Grades K to 8
  • Soccer, Football, Baseball, Kickball, Dodge ball, Relay Races, Pizza, Prizes and more!
  • Enjoy an evening to yourselves while your child enjoys a great evening of sports, games and prizes.
  • Only $20.00 per child.
  • Please see the Registration page for more details and the list of dates for the Night-time All Sports Camps

Soccer Camps

Register: Schedule and CostsThe Superdome North Jersey hosts a large number of high caliber soccer camps throughout the calendar year. Some are run jointly with leading clubs and organizations such as World Class, NJ Crush, NJ Heat while many are handled by the Superdome’s staff of professional soccer trainers and coaches. Teacher’s Convention Soccer Camp, Christmas Week Soccer Camp, Presidents Week Camp Soccer Camp, and many more.