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The Superdome North Jersey offers one of the most extensive soccer training and competition programs in the Northeast, with sessions, clinics, elite private training groups, tournaments, leagues and much more! We offer programming for players of all levels.  For many, our classes and clinics are the cornerstone of their skills development. Many utilize these sessions to complement what their town, school or club programming offers. Below please see our clinic and session descriptions. After you’ve read the description, select the “Registration: Schedule and Costs” link to be taken to the Registration page where you can see the course times, costs, and Registration options.

Below you will find our wide range of soccer sessiosn such as: Elite Training Groups, SD Soccer Academy, Footskills, Goalkeeper clinics, Finishing and Striking, Soccer Speed School (Agility, speed and power), Street Soccer, Touch Move and Score, Adult training, Adult Open Play and much much more….

Fall 2016 classes, clinics and Elite Training Groups start the week of Monday September 12, 2016 unless otherwise noted.

Soccer Training


Elite Training Groups

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Top quality players require Elite Training. The Superdome’s Elite Training program is run by the highest caliber trainers and coaches in the Northeast. Our Elite Training players typically are members of high quality club programs elsewhere and use our Elite Training to supplement their club programs. Nothing is more important than top quality technical training. Some of our players desire more training than their club teams provide.

Elite Training focuses on advanced ball mastery, first touch and final touch, passing receiving and crossing.  Players receive training in soccer-specific speed and running mechanics as well as agility and fitness.   We highlight the importance of success in 1v1, 2v2 and off man advantages, helping with speed of play, transition and decision making.

All training occurs at the Superdome facility on quality turf fields ensuring the players get the best training environment.

60 minute weekly sessions with Top trainers and coaches.

We currently offer groups for U8,U9, and U10;  U11 and U12, and U13 through U15. Click the Register Links on this page to see dates, times and costs.

Soccer Academy

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The Superdome Soccer Academy runs all year, from Fall through Winter to the end of the School year in June. For many it is a ten (10) month soccer training program while others participate at different times during the year. The Soccer Academy offers top training and great match play. Players receive up to three (3) sessions each week throughout the year. The Superdome utilizes top quality professional trainers experienced in developing players of all skill levels helping to instill a love of the game in your child.

Players in the Superdome Soccer Academy receive the following:

  • Two (2) training sessions of your choice each week from our range clinics and classes. Players can try any of our classes or clinics, and can change classes at any time to meet a family’s schedule changes or the players interest in focusing on different skills
  • Weekly Street Soccer (open match play) – Street soccer is considered one of the most important components of a well developed player, allowing kids to “just play”, to just enjoy and showcase their training in a less structured environment.
  • Agility and Speed work
  • Audio visual and Character building workshops
  • Festival events
  • Training t-shirts
  • A nearly 50% discount to signing up for these classes and clinics

See the Academy Flier by clicking here:

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Foot Skills Clinics

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Work on advanced ball handling and movement in these intense, fast footwork sessions. Learn dribbling, penetration, fakes and other techniques to beat opponents on the dribble.  Technical development is the most critical aspect of a youth player’s development.   Your child will become most masterful on the ball which will lead to greater confidence and success.  Click the Register Links on this page to see dates, times and costs.

Click the Register Links on this page to see dates, times and costs.

Goalkeeper Clinics

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Keepers need keeper-specific training often not found at the usual team training sessions.  Our Keeper classes go beyond the basics with collegiate and international keeper coaches.  Our Keeper classes will ensure your goal keeper has the technical and tactical understanding to achieve their best.

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Finishing & Striking Clinics

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Boost goal-scoring ability. Learn a variety of ball striking and volleying techniques, positioning vs. defenders and much more for success in the offensive end of the field. Learn techniques to exploit 1v1, 2v1 and odd-man opportunities. Players will also improve their first touch which leads to a more successful final touch.

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Speed of Play – Soccer Speed and Agility

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At this level, programming is broken down into an individual focus per session. Emphasis is on quality of form and good technique.

Linear Speed with the ball, ball handling and ball movement.
Change of Direction: Agility and ability to decelerate and move in any direction quickly with the ball, with your head up to evaluate the playing field.
Upper and Lower Body Strength: Strength training exercises for muscle development and injury prevention, specifically targeting soccer-specific muscle groups.
Other Benefits: Flexibility, self-confidence and endurance

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Youth Street Soccer – Pickup

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Pick up soccer– only better.  Pickup soccer is highly recognized as being absolutely critical to the creative development of players.  Many feel the best players learn their trade playing without coaches, whistles, pinnies or cones. Play on our turf fields in supervised free play. No drills, just a chance to let loose, try new moves and enjoy “the beautiful game.”

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Total Soccer Training

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Today’s soccer requires players who are skillful, agile, adaptive, and spatially aware; capable of quickly switching from offense to defense and have an understanding of multiple positions. Total soccer values quick and precise ball movement, founded by the Dutch and now the cornerstone of Barcelona FC and Arsenal FC style of play.  Total Soccer addresses many of the facets of proper soccer development and ensures your players develops well rounded skills and traits.  Help them develop their total game with our Total Soccer classes!

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Touch, Move & Score

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Build skills that bring your game to the next level, with training from pros experienced at developing young players. Essential ball handling, movement and finishing skills that are key to success.  Players learn has to receive the ball and ensure their first touch breaks the line of their opponents, helps them get themselves into a scoring position, and then ultimately how to strike the ball for a final proper touch!  The result is a player with greater scoring ability , more confidence and more success.

Adult Soccer Training

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Adult Open Play with Coach Ozzie! Absolutely no experience is necessary! We have players of all levels joining us for a great time, to learn more about the beautiful game, and to get a great workout! Soccer is an amazing way to get exercise, to improve muscle tone and burn fat. Exercise and soccer have been proven to reduce stress and tension, and offer tremendous health benefits. Coach Ozzie will help you learn technical and tactical understanding of the sport. Everyone loves to learn and what could be more fun than learning more skills and technique of the beautiful game. Sessions will include drills and skills as well as small field match play to maximum the fun and workout. Here is a great article on the benefits of adult recreational soccer.

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Adult Open Play – Soccer

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Come by yourself or bring your pals. A great chance to stay fit and on top of your soccer skills with other great adult players. Pay per session.

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Leagues & Tournaments

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The Superdome offers wonderful Adult, Youth, Holiday, weekend and midweek leagues and tournaments! Our facility offers spacious 7v7 fields offer coaches an opportunity to get more players on the field versus many of our competitor 5v5-sized fields!  For those looking for more confined spaces, we have many 3v3 and 5v5 tournaments as well. Our 3v3 tournaments are specifically tailored for those squads looking to excel at small field scrimmaging.

Tournament Stands and Results: For registered tournament participants, here is a link to our public tournament page where you can obtain real-time updates on scores and rankings: http://superdome.ezleagues.ezfacility.com/leagues.aspx

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Soccer Camps

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The Superdome offers a tremendous number of Summer, holiday and other special soccer camps. Many of our camps are run by our own staff, while others are in collaboration with top clubs and programs in the area.  We believe this offers our athletes the greatest diversity and greatest quality of training. Unless noted otherwise, camps run 9am to 3pm daily. An optional hot lunch of various foods such as pizza, chicken, mac and cheese, etc. is available! After-care is also optionally available. We offer week rates and day rates. Registering in advance is highly recommended. You can see the full camp schedule by clicking the link above and visiting our registration page.

Here are a few of the camps we offer:

Summer camps throughout June, July and August
Teacher’s Convention Soccer
Christmas Soccer Camp
Presidents Week Soccer Camp
World Class Summer Soccer Camp
Pre-season Club and High school soccer camp
Rosh Hashana & Yom Kippur camps
and many more….

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